Welcome to Collective Imaging Associates

A cost-effective way for healthcare providers to expand their medical imaging capabilities while keeping the total cost of ownership down. Certified Performance – Exceptional Value  



At Collective Imaging Associates, we intend to make advanced medical imaging technology available at an affordable price. With innovative financing solutions tailored
to the healthcare community, we offer simplicity, industry expertise, and a reliable source of funds.

A way for healthcare providers to

  • Expand patient access
  • Recruit new physicians
  • Increase referral base
  • Strengthen their relationship with hospital partners
  • Better serve the needs of their community
  • Maintain profitability
It should be a great advantage for healthcare providers to be able to afford high quality equipment with reasonable prices.

Explore our advanced refurbished, used radiology equipment portfolio to discover the systems that best meet your imaging and business needs.

System Implementation

Working together to get your new technology online in a timely manner so you can begin providing patient care. Below is an overview of the typical services we provide.

Preliminary Layout

Typical layouts and system power requirements. We will also work with your architects, contractors, and system users to create a layout that optimizes patient flow.

Site-specific Installation Drawings

Final installation drawings to be incorporated into your architect’s construction documents.

Site Readiness Assessment

Pre-delivery site readiness assessment with our Field Service Engineer, your contractor, and key facility staff members.

Technical Support

During the construction phase, we will provide technical support to your contractors, electricians, and HVAC installers.

System Delivery

Final delivery notification, transportation, rigging, and equipment placement into the scan suite.

Installation and Calibration

Installation and calibration to Manufacture’s performance specification with our qualified Field Service Engineers. Assist IT personnel with connection to facility PACS/network.